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Geo-Analytics for Artwork Sold

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Geo-Analytics for Artwork Sold

Over the years, as a professional wedding and portrait photographer, I sold many prints and other photo products to clients. I always knew who was purchasing my work. Since signing up with Fine Art America in January of 2012 and making my first sale in June, the buyers have been anonymous. The only information I receive is the title and type of artwork purchased, and the location where the order came from. This has been a new experience with not knowing the client or whether they are a collector or a commercial buyer. Marketing to new customers is quite a challenge.

Since there are no demographics available for marketing my fine art work, I turned to Geo-Analytics with hopes this would give me some insight to finding new clients. The map you see below indicates the locations where artwork was purchased. I used Google Maps to chart each sale. Clicking on a pin or artwork titles in the left window opens a context menu providing the location and type of print as well as a direct link to the picture the was purchased from Colored pins represent popular sales, such as the blue pins for the Cleveland Skyline favorite. The orange pins are the Walking With Grandma print. The green pins are a combination of all my Birds Of Prey artwork. And the red pins are everything else.

I have studied the Geo-Analytics map in an effort to determine what marketing efforts it might reveal. When I figure that out I will let you know. Meanwhile, I will keep on doing what I do, charts sales and see where it leads. Comments and ideas are always welcome.